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Re: Best file system

Dnia czwartek, 2 lutego 2006 10:50, martin f krafft napisał:
> also sprach wojtek <wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com> [2006.02.02.1034 +0100]:
> > actually I'm using ext3 for /boot for his solidity , XFS for others, and
> > sometimes change to reiserfs on the less crucial data on /home (like some
> > homefolders that are being backuped) because i noticed that reiserfs is
> > faster than ohter FS's.
> Don't make blanket statements.
>   http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/romrow/935/jfs_xfs_rfs_ext.html
My homefolders containt many small files, maybe that is why it's faster for 
me. I don't make blanket statements, just say what is my experience with that 
FS. All in all i have had some machines on reiser3 with spamassasin + bout 
3000 maildir users and big spamassasin mysql db ,and no FS done this better 
than reiserfs. But of course, I may be wrong because now i I have it on 
xfs ;)

Wojciech Ziniewicz (at) gmail.com

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