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Re: bandwidth dimensioning

2005/11/8, Marek Podmaka <marki@onee.sk>:
> Hello Eduardo,
>   look in pricelist of some ISP - for example ADSL providers. What is
>   want is called aggregation. Some of them specify it in their
>   pricelists. For example: 128kbit aggregation 1:20. It simply means
>   that for 20 users, you have 128kbit bandwidth. Usual aggregations
>   for ADSL are about 1:20 - 1:50 for cheap programs and up to 1:5 for
>   more expensive ones.
>   But I think it works only when you have many users. Like for every
>   1000 users of 128kbit, you have (1000/20)*128 bandwidth. It is very
>   unlikely that all users will be using their whole 128kbit at the
>   same time. And if for some time yes, aggregation is mentioned in
>   pricelist, so they can't do anything about it.
i have approx 70 users with 256 kbit connected to 2 mbit.

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