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Re: bandwidth dimensioning

Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com> said:

> Eduardo Gargiulo wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > this is my first message to this list. I would like to know if there is a
> > formula or method to calculate the minimal bandwidth requirements for a given
> > network. I'm thinking to pay a data link to feed a debian box and from there,
> > via wireless links (802.11b), give internet access to aprox. 15 users. I want
> > to guarantee 128 kb/s for every node. Which is the best way to calculate this?
> > 
> > Any hint would be appreciated.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english (i'm from Argentina).
> > 
> > --ejg
> You've already got it in your original message.
> 15 * 128KB seems to be a relatively simple calculation.  Plus overhead 
> if the server is actually doing server duty like e-mail or web.
> Not sure what the question is here.

I think there was a missunderstanding of my problem (probably because of my
poor english).

I don't think that the relationship between bandwidth and simultaneous users
using that bandwidth is linear (FIXME). The problem is one internet connection
 to a linux box, and 15 wireless users (simultaneously connected in the worse
case) with 128Kbps guaranteed. The question: How much bandwidth should I
purchase to satisfy that requirement? You mean 15 * 128Kbps = ~2Mbps ??? I
think it's too much for 15 users!!



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