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Re: megaraid and 2.6 kernel

There are some very interesting things in /proc/scsi, but I don't
know what all of them are. If you tell me the name of some tools,
I'll be happy to try them. This box doesn't go into production for a
few more days, and I can rebuild rapidly if I mess something up.

I went into /proc/scsi/sg/devices and played around. Did a
cat device_hdr devices device_strs
and got

host    chan    id      lun     type    opens   qdepth  busy    online
0       0       6       0       3       1       64      0       1
0       2       0       0       0       1       64      0       1
PE/PV           1x6 SCSI BP             1.0
MegaRAID        LD 0 RAID1  139G        514K

but this all appears to be talking just about the card, not the
attached drives. I pulled a drive, then plugged it back in, just for
fun, and the above values did not change (I was hoping busy or
online would). I know there is something, somewhere, 'cause during
boot a lot of interesting info about drives is placed into syslog.
Just don't see any of it in /proc


Maarten Vink said:
> R. W. Rodolico wrote
>> Installing the 2.6.14 kernel did it. Again, thanks.
>> Rod
> Did anyone manage to get some monitoring and/or status information
working with
> the megaraid_mbox driver? We use a 2.4 kernel with /proc/megaraid
> our Dell
> 2850's, but so far we have not been able to get any
> working with
> 2.6.
> Thanks,
> Maarten
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