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Re: ticket systems

Dan MacNeil <dan@thecsl.org> writes:

> I'd be ok with:
> 	"It's been 24 hours and person responsible hasn't looked
> 	 at your ticket. so your ticket has been forwarded to the
> 	 boss of the person responsible for filling your ticket."
| What would you like us to do?
|   [ ] Fire the person responsible
|   [ ] Fix the problem and fire the person responsible
|   [ ] Just fix the problem

> Seriously, a ticket system that allows the user to work through email is
> perhaps a requirement for us.

OTRS can do that. Just send a mail to support@example.com and (if
configured) you'll receive an automated email with a URL to check 
the status of your ticket. All answers and status changes are also 
mailed to you. The only thing you can't do is answering the tickets 
by mail.

> I also live out of my email box. A ticket I've emailed, is findable
> for future reference.

Well grep rules but I heard some people complaining about all those Mails
the received from the ticket system. Some people prefer a web interface. 


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