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Re: ticket systems

You just need to add a sign to your door that says:

Expected time to replies:
  Via tickets: ASAP
  Via stickers on door: two weeks
  Via stickers on door AND three six-packs: ASAP.

I suspect some of our requirements will be:

	 "avoids doing the things that annoy me as a end-user"

I hate those $@*$&#@##~!!! ticket systems that send me email saying:

	"Nobody has actually looked at your ticket yet,
	 but our 1980s technology auto-reply email is
	 working just fine."

I'd be ok with:

	"It's been 24 hours and person responsible hasn't looked
	 at your ticket. so your ticket has been forwarded to the
	 boss of the person responsible for filling your ticket."

Seriously, a ticket system that allows the user to work through email is perhaps a requirement for us.

When I am a user, I don't like the extra steps of going to a website, (what was that URL again?) typing into a webform and waiting. I also live out of my email box. A ticket I've emailed, is findable for future reference.

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