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Re: ticket systems

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>From: Henrique de Moraes Holschuh [mailto:hmh@debian.org]
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>Subject: Re: ticket systems
>On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Dan MacNeil wrote:
>> I'm curious as to how people use ticket systems and their bad 
>> experiences with ticket systems. "How" and "why" are more useful right 
>Well, we use OTRS (because it is far more flexible and powerfull than RT)
>for workflow/internal issue tracking, and RT (because it is easy and simple)
>for simple helpdesk tracking.
>Training people to use OTRS was _not_ easy.  Trying to get RT to work as a
>poor-man's workflow AND internal issue tracking proved to be impossible.
>At least for our requirements, anyway.
>So, what do you exactly need to do? If RT does it all, go for it. Otherwise,
>go for OTRS.

So what are the URL's for RT and OTRS anyway ? Be nice to look at these packages.


>> I'm also not sure of where the line between a ticket system, project 
>> system and a bug tracking system lies or should lie.
>Ticket system and bug tracking systems are close, and as long as you like
>fighting the system to get work done, they are interchangeable. 
>But a proper TTS (ticket tracking system) will do a MUCH better job of issue
>tracking on massive scales, helpdesk/CRM integration, etc.  While a BTS (bug
>tracking system) will know WTF a patch is, will have version tracking for
>"bugs", and might even be connected to your version control system.
>I don't know what a "project system" is.  But if you mean a project tracking
>system, then go take a look at MS project (to my dismay, no DFSG software
>comes even close), it is a completely different type of beast from a ticket
>tracking system or from a BTS.  If you mean something that hosts a project
>and all there is to it (BTS, TTS, mailing-lists, data repositories...), I
>don't know of any that doesn't suck rocks (i.e. g-forge, sourceforge...).
>> I've worked places where people game the system. A good evaluation comes 
>Not a good idea at all, for the exact reasons you described.
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