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Re: consumer grade circuits vs pro grade circuits

Bill Flanagan said:
> I too am in Verizon territory.  For $5 to $20  per month (depending on speed,
> which depends mostly on distance from the CO) more than a residential DSL
> service, you can buy a "business tariff" DSL.  I had the business DSL on a
> residential phone line.  Business DSL offers 24-hour tech support.

in my experience with bus dsl (verizon) support, it is impossible to get
to talk to a clueful person. Ever. Most don't know what ping means, what
pppoe is or anything. They start with "did you reboot your equipment?"

I have about 20 locations connected through adsl. Some never go down.
Some go down for several minutes regularly. My corp T1 has not been down
(unscheduled)  in 4 years. Luckily, my requirements for connectivity at
my dsl locations can deal with a couple of minutes downtime here and
there for the much lower price. YMMV.

my 2cents.



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