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Re: Maildir quotas

On Sat, 2005-08-27 at 11:58 +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> You don't even know the size of the message at RCPT time. How do you
> want to do quota checks?

During the smtp conversation servers can use the SIZE= command. Though I
dont know how well this is supported among the MTA's out there.

> It does not.
> For instance, put the following into .procmailrc:
>   :0
>   * ^Subject: MDA test
>   {
>     EXITCODE=69
>     :0
>     | echo -n "this is a test"
>   }
> And send a message.
>   Aug 27 11:54:24 albatross postfix/local[2898]: E8FB68E9DED:
>   to=<madduck+mdtest@madduck.net>, relay=local, delay=423,
>   status=bounced (service unavailable. Command output: this
>   is a test )
> So that's a 5xx, meaning that the sender's smarthost now generates
> a DSN and sends it to the sender. This is exactly the way it would
> happen if postfix rejected the mail at RCPT stage, but now it can
> actually let the decision be made by the MDA, which knows about
> quota. postfix is an MTA, period. Exim has featuritis.
> Now, for the case of quota, you might want to return 4xx instead
> (depending on your policy, of course). Just use return code 75.

That clears things up a lot as to how Postfix handles the message
delivery. Thanks, I learnt something today.


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