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Maildir quotas

We currently have our mail user base (~ 26k) as a canonical domain, they
all are real accounts, delivering is to mbox.

We are in process to update our mail infrastructure. Migrating to LDAP
and Maildir. And possibly from postfix to exim.

I'd been doing some search over the net for solutions for Maildir
quotas. Postfix approach of VDA is not my preferred, because the most
near of Debian pristine packages the better.

Looking over exim I found this [1].

I would like to hear opinions here for large mail system and what
infrastructure support them.

Suggestion about the maildir quota implementation are very welcome


PD: Sorry if you see mails from me saying 'I would like to hear
experiences from you about your service foo infrastructure'. I recently
get a job in a local ISP, they don't use Debian but they will and I
would like to see this working the Debian way.

PD: Sorry too for my english.

[1] http://www.timj.co.uk/linux/rcpt-time-quota-maildir.php

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