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Re: Debian woody - Invalid operand errors

I too have had problems with quirky BIOS's; generally updating the
BIOS will fix things that never used the word BIOS in the error
messages. This was especially true under 2.2

With 2.6 you will have a much wider range of hardware recognized
and, it appears, better error detection on hardware/BIOS related
issues. When I first started reading this thread, my initial
response was "Memory or BIOS."

Are both these machines the same, Same motherboard, same BIOS
version, same chipset?


> I second the overall response (VERY strongly) to not use 2.2  -- 2.2
> is
> very ancient by Linux' standards.  Honestly I'd go to stable, which
> is now
> sarge, AKA Debian 3.1 and go from there.
> Another thing I would do is go and downlaod and run a copy of
> memtest 86,
> that will tell you if you have bad ram rather than blindly replacing
> it.
> The other possibility is cooling issues, and motherboard BIOS bugs.
> I've
> had it several times in this past year where two machines, same
> vendor,
> received same time, would behave VERY differently, one occasionally
> refusing to even POST.  The problem was the BIOS.
> Don't even consider 2.2 kernels on a server, and really Woody is now
> deprecated for new installs too since Sarge is now stable.
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