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Re: dovecot, anyone?


What I can say is that I've been writing this project for 3 years now, mostly 2 years completely by myself. Now I have some contributions. There is no reasons why I would stop a project on which I put some many time, I would be really stupid to to do so, when I have very good returns from everyone. All on it is very promising, and so is the future of my hosting company.

Things that are going on the good way is that there is everyday more contributions to my panel (FreeRadius, MLMMJ, etc.), more popularity (apple Europe contacted me for having the panel on Mac OS X). I'm sure this will help in choosing my company as a good player in the hosting service industry.

The rest of my business is mine, I wouldn't tell about it on this mailing list.


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mimo wrote:

Hi Thomas

thanks for sending the link and experience report. I wonder are you
working on GPLHost alone or do you have any support? Is this something
you do for your employer? Sorry, must seem very knowsy. I am just
interested what the prospect for the future(survival) of the project
is... from my (pessimistic) experience usually, people working on this
kind of thing one day get frustrated, install cpanel, and abandon the


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