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Re: dovecot, anyone?

Hi Thomas

thanks for sending the link and experience report. I wonder are you
working on GPLHost alone or do you have any support? Is this something
you do for your employer? Sorry, must seem very knowsy. I am just
interested what the prospect for the future(survival) of the project
is... from my (pessimistic) experience usually, people working on this
kind of thing one day get frustrated, install cpanel, and abandon the


Thomas Goirand (GPLHost) wrote:
> Hello !
> Dovecot is compatible with my hosting project (domain technologie
> control, available at
> http://www.gplhost.com/?rub=softwares&sousrub=dtc), so I've tried once
> or twice to make it work. Nothing special about it, except that like it
> says, it seems to be fast. A lot faster than Courier.
> The only reason why I don't use it in production is because there is NO
> WAY of making it saying how much bandwidth is taken by each of my
> customer. With Qmail, Courier or Postfix, I wrote very small package to
> be able to record the traffic usage per users. With Dovecot it was not
> possible to write it. A friend of mine wrote them about it, it might
> change in the future.
> Apart from that missing functionality, Dovecot seems to be very good.
> Thomas
> mimo wrote:
>> Hi
>> I wonder if anyone would share his/her experiences of using dovecot
>> imap/pop server on a real mail system and maybe how it compares in
>> his/her opinion?
>> Thanks,
>> mimo

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