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PHP4/MySQL on sarge: Unable to save result set


I've got a fresh install of Sarge with apache2-mpm-prefork, mod_php4 and php4-mysql on a web server. PHP's behaviour is very buggy, on some websites its work very well but
on others it says : "Unable to save result set".

I've got this error mostly with queries like "SELECT * FROM ...", the error occurs with
PHP4 in apache and CLI.

mysql module is liked to /usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so.12 and server is MySQL 4.1

I've got serveral servers with Sarge, their mysql module is linked to libmysql.so.10 and they work very well.

  php4 : 4:4.3.10-12
  libmysqlclient12: 4.0.24-2



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