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Re: dovecot, anyone?

Hello !

Dovecot is compatible with my hosting project (domain technologie control, available at http://www.gplhost.com/?rub=softwares&sousrub=dtc), so I've tried once or twice to make it work. Nothing special about it, except that like it says, it seems to be fast. A lot faster than Courier.

The only reason why I don't use it in production is because there is NO WAY of making it saying how much bandwidth is taken by each of my customer. With Qmail, Courier or Postfix, I wrote very small package to be able to record the traffic usage per users. With Dovecot it was not possible to write it. A friend of mine wrote them about it, it might change in the future.

Apart from that missing functionality, Dovecot seems to be very good.


mimo wrote:


I wonder if anyone would share his/her experiences of using dovecot
imap/pop server on a real mail system and maybe how it compares in
his/her opinion?



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