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Re: Converting a *live* Fedora box to Debian

Am Samstag, den  5. Februar hub Joe Emenaker folgendes in die Tasten:

> Quick scenario... we're planning on switching from in-house T1 web 
> hosting to an outside hosting company. The other company gives us full 
> root access on a box to do whatever we want on it.

> Problem is... it is installed with base Fedora Core 2 and I'd prefer Debian.
> But, before I go much further, does anyone know of any docs on how to do 
> this? Or does anybody know of some real deal-killer roadblocks that I'm 
> going to run into?

What about putting an own Kernel + initrd with debian+ssh onto the fedora
system and boot that? If that works you have an accessable debian system
*and* can fiddle with the disc as you like (partionize and debootstrap)

In case your kernel + initrd does not boot a local admin can press reset
and boot the origical fedora system.
If it works you can set up your debian without any big problems.

	Follow the white penguin.

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