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Re: Converting a *live* Fedora box to Debian

abo@minkirri.apana.org.au wrote:

Someone just posted me this link;

I treid this with a Fedora Core 3 base install and it went all wonky. Even 'ls' wouldn't work due to missing libs.

It almost certainly needs changes for Debian sarge/sid, including the 2.6
kernel modules support (doesn't use /etc/modules.conf any more, though I
think there is migration support from /etc/modules.conf).
Well, space isn't a problem, and I really don't mind making piecemeal tweaks (like fixing /etc/modules.conf) once it is converted. I just want to get the Debian base files and package management working without having to have physical access to the machine.

I'm working on a small script that is able to install dpkg, apt, dselect, and the necessary libs. I'm to the point where I can use "apt-get update" and I can use dselect to generate /var/lib/dpkg/available. A little more tweaking and I should be able to start installing the packages one-at-a-time via apt-get.

- Joe

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