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Converting a *live* Fedora box to Debian

Quick scenario... we're planning on switching from in-house T1 web hosting to an outside hosting company. The other company gives us full root access on a box to do whatever we want on it.

Problem is... it is installed with base Fedora Core 2 and I'd prefer Debian.

What I'm wondering is: is it possible to convert the machine completely from Fedora to Debian *all* through an ssh session, without ever having access to the box. I think it can be done. I'm experimenting with a raw Fedora install in a VMWare window (so that I can start all over easily if I need to), and it's surprisingly easy to get things to the point where I can run "apt-get update" and run dselect and pick what I want. Once I got to that point, dselect immediately marked all of the mandatory packages for install and was able to download them all.

I'm currently working out some glitches with missing dpkg install scripts... but those are small issues. Once that's all done, all that should be left is to clean up the old RedHat config files.

But, before I go much further, does anyone know of any docs on how to do this? Or does anybody know of some real deal-killer roadblocks that I'm going to run into?

- Joe

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