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Re: [OT] Backup on DLT (recommandation)

Am 2005-01-08 18:11:34, schrieb Mark Janssen:

> DLT is a quite expensive way to backup, especially considering the price
> of the tapes (50-100 euros). Depending on how many backups and how much
> data you want to keep around it might be interesting to look at other
> solutions
> (External harddrives, dvd, maybe blue-ray next year). Since harddrives
> run at about 100 euro's for 200 GB it's quite hard to beat those prices.

Curently I have a backup server with a 3Ware SATA Raid-5 and 4 Hitachi
400 GByte HDDs plus my HP-DDS3. It is connected to a second (backup)
network. The 1,2 TByte diskspace are enough to make 4 weeks backup.
Each week one FULL and six INCREMENTAL backup. 

The problem is, that I am already using 400 GByte HDDs in External cases
but the 5 1/4 enclosure are to big for the Bank-Tresor (only 4) and I
was looking for smaller Media.

DVD9 is not an option, because the poor quality and the number of DVDs.


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