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Re: [OT] Backup on DLT (recommandation)

> Because my old DAT is not more enough, I consider to buy a DLT with
> 80-160 GByte. Because I have no experience with it, I like to here
> some suggestions. My only problem is that my purse is very limited
> to <=700 Euro.
> Are the DLT only SCSI or do they exist in PATA and SATA too ?

I just looked into this a little myself and ended up going with an AIT tape
drive.  My understanding is that because they have helical scan heads, the
drives are smaller and use less power.  (The tape speed doesn't have to be
as fast so you don't need as big of motors - or something like that.)

I just ordered this drive:

(Not as big as what you're talking about though!)

Tapes are very expensive new.  I've already bought some (used) from ebay.
They look to be in very good shape and ran about $5 apiece.  Obviously I'll
run a verify them when I get the drive in.  (If you buy tapes from ebay
make sure you understand what you're getting - I've seen some 2G AIT tapes
for sale - I had no idea tapes that small even existed!)

FWIW, I run a variety of backup strategies.  For really big data, I just go
with the multiple hard drive approach.  (Where n == 2.)  For full backups
of my server, I like tape as I can drop a tape in my safety deposit box
from time to time.  Then it's a matter of organizing things to make sure
the appropriate backup happens automatically.

Take care,
Dale E. Martin - dale@the-martins.org

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