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Re: [OT] Backup on DLT (recommandation)

Hello Michelle

On 2005-01-08 Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Because my old DAT is not more enough, I consider to buy a DLT with
> 80-160 GByte. Because I have no experience with it, I like to here
> some suggestions. My only problem is that my purse is very limited
> to <=700 Euro.

Why not take a couple of 180,- EUR external USB 2.0 harddisks with
about 200GB each? Fast, also in restore, cheap and easy to manage.
At least compared to DDS3 tapes the ones from Maxtor do not have a
significant higher failure percentage (maybe combine exclusures and
harddisc yourself to choose the harddisk brand, you trust the most).

> Michelle


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