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Re: Intel SR1325TP1-E & 3ware 9xxx RAID thoughts

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Dave Watkins wrote:
> The reason i2c won't work on these boards is because they use IPMI
> rather than i2c and have a BMC on them which does much more in the way
> of management than desktop type boards

Well, if it is anything like SE750x boards, you need to first setup the
entire BMC system using the Intel CD (that runs Windows :P) before it
will do anything useful. 

After that is done, you *can* access the sensor data though IPMI, and even
reconfigure the BMC from Linux.  There is even an lm-sensors module for
accessing IPMI sensor data. It is slow, but it works.  Mostly :P

I don't recall where I found the IPMI sensor module anymore, though.
Maybe it is even packaged in sid/sarge nowadays.  I think it was OpenIPMI
or something like that.

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