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Re: Intel SR1325TP1-E & 3ware 9xxx RAID thoughts

Am Do, 2004-10-14 um 22.01 schrieb Franz Georg Köhler:
> Isn't i2c supposed to be standardized?

today i had to speak to their support and the hint given was to take the
redhats rpm and create a own deb using alien :/ Further i was told using
lm_senors or other tools using i2c won't work because the board is
optimized for ISM...

> We are running a lot of boxes with 3ware 7000 series SATA-RAID without
> experiencing any difficulties (as we did with mylex).
> Where did you get the 3ware utilities for linux?


> Does the software keep up with icp's icpcon?

sorry - never used icp contollers.


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