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Re: Ceriftication?

> On Monday 30 August 2004 08.36, DJ wrote:
> > Ok, i am sick of windows. But due to the fact that i have been using it
> > for so long, i still persist with it and dont get to spend as much time
> > as i would like in linux(too much time fixing windoze.). Is there a
> > debian course of some description that i can do so that i can get more of
> > understanding regarding the nuts and bolts of the operating system. I
> > believe this is what is stopping me from being able to use Debian to its
> > full potential and finally being rid of the windoze virus.

May I also suggest you look at WikiLearn
(http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Wikilearn/WebChanges, WebHome, ...) in
two respects:

   * I hope there is some information there that will help you
   * The goal of WikiLearn is to become a site to help newbies to Linux,
especially those making a transition from Windows to Linux -- as you
find questions that aren't answered on WikiLearn, and perhaps even find
the answers, would you consider recording them on WikiLearn?

WikiLearn is a wiki (a place where anyone can add and edit content,
although I request that everyone register and tag their comments /
changes with their name (mostly occurs automatically if you log in). 
I'd like to get more help, but I'm also happy to lead newcomers by the
hand -- for example, if you have a question / information but don't know
how to put it on WikiLearn, send it to me, and I'll try to help, perhaps
making the second cut at the info (whatever you write when you send it
to me is the first cut).

If you send something to me, send it to my gmail address, rhkramer at
gmail dot com, as it will be easier to handle on my Linux box from there
(I think).

Randy Kramer

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