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Re: FW: Woody and HP DL320G2

begin  quotation of Markus Oswald on 2004-08-03 11:29:43 +0200:

> Am Di, den 03.08.2004 schrieb IT-at-Challenge um 7:56:
> > I am preparing to buy a new HP server, a HP DL320G2, and would like to
> > install Woody onto it.
> > 
> > The questions I have relate to the:
> > - On-board NICs, given on the HP site as "Two NC7760 PCI Gigabit Server
> > Adapters (embedded)" 


> > Will woody with the standard bf2.4 kernel detect the NIC's and RAID
> > controller?
> No. The onboard NICs will probably not work with bf24 as they are afaik
> based on the bcm57xx chipset which is supported starting from 2.4.19 -
> Woody bf24 is 2.4.18. But this is not a real problem... 

I posted this on debian-user, but for the record and for conversation,
you can use the 'tg3' driver from bf24.  Apparently the Broadcom
drivers are preferred.

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