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FW: Woody and HP DL320G2

[This was sent to debian-user but as I am running ISP-like services for
about 200 users so I think I sh ould have sent it to this list.  Please let
me know if this was incorrect]


I am preparing to buy a new HP server, a HP DL320G2, and would like to
install Woody onto it.

The questions I have relate to the:
- On-board NICs, given on the HP site as "Two NC7760 PCI Gigabit Server
Adapters (embedded)" 
- the ATA RAID controller, given as "Integrated Dual Channel Ultra ATA/100
Adapter with Integrated ATA RAID 0, 1"
- video, given as "Integrated ATI RAGE XL Video Controller with 8-MB SDRAM
Video Memory"

Will woody with the standard bf2.4 kernel detect the NIC's and RAID
Will I need to compile my own kernel to do this?

Or, should I try to use Sarge?


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