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Re: spamassassin memory leak bug with bayes

This one time, at band camp, Dmitry Golubev said:
> I found the missing library - it is libdb-4.0.so Why has not my ldd script 
> found it? I assume it is a bug that (a) ldd can not find it (b) without it, 
> mailscannet just takes over all the resources
> Dmitry

I suspect mailscanner is a perl app, and not completely the problem -
something else (maybe one of the underlying perl modules) is trying to
use libdb-4.0.so and failing, but I am not sure.  Either your script
doesn't check all the necessary modules, or there is a missing
dependency for a compiled app or library.  objdump is often helpful in
these settings - it will pick up something like an rpath easily.

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