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spamassassin memory leak bug with bayes


Running latest testing Debian on a Xeon box with exim4 and MailScanner - that 
was OK until I tried to put that all in a chroot. Now having all the needed 
packages unpacked in a chroot (I followed the dependencies and checked 
library reqs for every single executable with a script that does an 'ldd'), I 
have the following:

1. Running exim4 with MailScanner without Spamassassin - OK
2. Running exim4 + MailScanner + Spamassassin... hmm... well that kind of 
behavior... In this case MailScanner eats up all my 1GB of RAM and my 2GB on 
swap, and also all my CPU (Xeon 2.4GHz with HyperThreading enabled). Nothing 
is logged, nothing shows something is wrong
3. Fighting with it for a 4 or 5 hours found that version 2.60 (note that I 
have version 2.63) had a bug that could lead to this when bayes is enabled... 
Disabled bayes, and that it...

It seams it is really a bug, but please suggest any workaround...


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