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Re: Outlook and Qmail

On Friday 23 July 2004 17:12, Kris Deugau wrote:
> Craig Sanders wrote:
> > the problem is that outlook is broken.  it's broken in many ways but
> > this specific problem is due to the fact that outlook locks up when
> > downloading "large" messages.   it doesn't have to be an attachment,
> > if the message is too large, then outlook will hang.  i don't recall
> > exactly what the definition of "large" is, but in my experience even
> > medium-length messages will trigger the bug.
> Mmmh..  If it's inherently Outlook/Outlook Express, why do I have 3 or 4
> customers who seem to spend their time sending and receiving ~5-7M video
> files by email?

I don't know anything about this specific problem, but you mustn't treat 
Outlook and Outlook express as the same in this regard.  Although Microsoft 
has treated them both to a more or less similar GUI, I've read that both 
products are very different underneath.  It was said that one, or both, were 
acquired from takeovers and that Outlook and OE have just about nothing in 
common.  Or at least that's how it all started. Who knows what may have 
changed since then.  So bugs in one are not at all certain to appear in the 
other (unless of course, it calls an ActiveX or IE function or so)

> Get your mouse off of there!  You don't know where that email has been!

Grin ;-)


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