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Re: Any Experience With DSPAM?

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 07:02:22PM -0400, ITC-Hosting wrote:
> Hello all,
> With the current discussion of greylisting and SPAM, wondering if anyone
> here has implemented or tested DSPAM?

Great success, here.  I allow training by way of forwarding messages
(with SMTP AUTH, of course), as well as IMAP folders which are scanned
every hour (allowing bulk training).  I began with Spamassassin, moved
to Spambayes, and am utterly amazed at how accurate and
self-maintaining DSPAM is proving to be.

I have yet to look into the default user/group stuff, but it looks
very promising.  Currently DSPAM is used by about 100 clients, with a
very diverse range of mail traffic.  I am still working on trimming the
database down a bit (it is almost 1_GB in MySQL), but it has only been
running for about a month now--I read it will decrease in size as time
moves on.

Adam Henry <hank@marinar.com> Marinar Communications
phn:[440.354.1458] fax:[440.639.1987] gpg:[0x3A4553E3]

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