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RE: Outlook and Qmail

FWIW, Outlook fails the POP connection to my ISP, without proceeding to
other messages, on all messages that are header-only with no payload,
i.e., finish with a single blank line only.  I don't know if these are
'valid' messages according to SMTP, but in any case I can see them
through the web interface, and after I delete them through the web
interface, Outlook is unblocked and able to download other messages.  I
have always imagined them to be spam attempts gone bad, shrugged my
shoulders, and accepted their existence.  They occur rarely, roughly one
in 5000 messages.

Peter K.
 Peter Klavins

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Do me a quick favor and when it happens, grep the message for three +++ 
signs together... if he's on a dialup modem, I have seen 3 plusses cause

the modem to go into the 'guard' and 'hang' the email program.

A long shot, but something worth looking into.

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 09:26:22PM -0400, Brian Franco wrote:
> I have the same problem with redhat sendmail and qpopper did you ever
find a solution?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> >I am having a problem with one of my customers who is using Outlook
> >SP-3 to connect to our Qmail server.  When downloading messages from
his POP
> >account, Outlook will hang.  It is most likely a corrupted message,
since he
> >can delete the messages using a webmail interface, and then continue
> >download messages.  He has been using McAfee's SpamKiller, but now,
> >when he turns it off he has the same problem.  He has even deleted
> >account and recreated it (this is a virtual domain, so he can login
> >Postmaster and do that).
> >Has anyone run into this problem?  I know at least one other ISP
having the
> >same problem with some of his customers, but we have not found a
> >yet.  Any pointers will be appreciated.
> >Thanx,
> >Anil Gupte

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