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Re: Streaming Video Server


I can conform that it's possible to stream with VLC to a Windows Media Player without any special plugins/codecs. It's a little tricky to figure out in which formats you have to provide the stream. Keep in mind that old Windows Media Players want "indeo" format, which seems not to be available in VLC (or Linux altogether?). The newer VLC is shipped with WMV1 and WMV2 format transcode (given the aproriate library), but not WMV3. I remember having read that WMV3 is so urgly proprietary that it won't be supported ever, but that not a problem since all Windows 2000 or better (and no, in thios case I don't mean Linux by saying "better" ;)) support WMV2. When testing keep in mind that all codec you installed after your Windows installation probably change you Windows Media Player capabilities! Test always on a freshly install Win. Habe Fun reinstalling Windows ;_) (BTW: Try apt-get install qemu in sid which gives you a great free virtual machine in Linux!)

With VLC it's possible to transcode files or even streams. But for several reasons VLC 0.7.1 did not satisfy my quality demands. I don't mean stream quality, but more problem in restarting the steam etc.

All this information is some months old. You may try again, since VLC 0.7.2 bond is out.

Can anyone tell me how to realize a UDP proxy for streaming? I want to stream via a webcam over our T1 to a proxy in the colo-farm and "re-stream" it to many customers. Let's say classical broadcasting :)

Good Luck!

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On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 11:02:46AM +0200, Stefan Neufeind wrote:

Or you might want to try out the Helix Server (from Real Networks) - which is afaik not really "free" either. Have a look at:
Haven't yet played with it. But I heared the developer-tools they offer allow easy configuration and compilation. The server allows you to do streaming of RealAudio/-Video if needed.

I'd appreciate to hear from you about your test-results on streaming-video-
servers (private mail) - or maybe others here are interested as well.

I work for a streaming media provider and we run the following
streaming servers on debian woody :

Helix Streaming Server
Real Server 8 (will only run on 2.2.x kernels)
Darwin Streaming Server 4

They all work on debian without any problems.

Beside that we run windows media services 4.1 and windows media
services 9 (windows 2003) ugh!

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