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Streaming Video Server

I just talked myself into a corner. A client called and asked if we can do a streaming video
server and I said "Yes, of course." He then asked if I'd have a bid ready by the end of the
week. So:

1. How do I do it. I am running a web server that is very under utilized (only about 60 web
sites and a couple of hundred e-mail accounts). Do I just set up the site and the files the
client puts out there are MPG or something? Or, do I need another server.

2. Any special hints on how to bill for this? I charge $25/mo to host web sites so long as the
traffic is below a gig a month. I told the client I'd have to look into billing, but are there
any caveats I should look for.

3. Any other information would be very appreciated.

I'll be researching this myself, but hope some pointers will come from the mailing list also.



The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it.
- Brian Kernighan

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