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Re: Streaming Video Server

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 09:00:09PM -0500, Rod Rodolico wrote:

> 1. How do I do it. I am running a web server that is very under utilized (only about 60 web
> sites and a couple of hundred e-mail accounts). Do I just set up the site and the files the
> client puts out there are MPG or something? Or, do I need another server.

You need to find out which media format your customer wants to use and
then pick the best streaming server for that format. 

> 2. Any special hints on how to bill for this? I charge $25/mo to host web sites so long as the
> traffic is below a gig a month. I told the client I'd have to look into billing, but are there
> any caveats I should look for.

Our customers have diffrent needs so we bill both pr/mb and used
bandwidth. Usually as hosting provider you pay for the total amount
of bandwidth. Streaming can be very very bandwidth extensive so you
should proberly try to find out how many concurrent users your
customer wants to support and if its adult content keep and eye on
your logs and bandwidth usage ;-)

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