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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 01:43, "Robert Cates" <robert@kormar.de> wrote:
> Well I do not remember ever seeing on the evening news or morning news
> paper that somebody was hurt or worst killed from a Spam attack!  Have you

I know many people who have a stated intention of killing a spammer if given a 
reasonable chance.  It would really suck if one of those people accidentally 
killed a non-spammer by mistake!

> >>When users try to deal with spam they often complain to the wrong people
> >>(think about joe-job's), they take the wrong actions (think about sending
> >>email to the "remove" address in a spam), and they don't have the
> >> competence
> >>to do it properly (think about the people who block postmaster mail etc,
> >> or who just block everything and complain to their ISP).
> Somebody who blocks everything, or ignorantly complains to their ISP, needs
> to be educated, not hand-held.  That "education" in my mind is a service
> and responsibilty of the ISP, an if it's a matter of getting too many phone
> calls per day, there can easily be an FAQ posted on the ISP web site.  Or
> maybe more appropriately it should be the responsibility of the software
> vendor providing the Anti-Spam software.

Sure.  Next time you run an ISP with over a million customers and only three 
people who really know how email works you can try educating users.  I'll 
stick to giving them what I and management think is best for them.

> Who on the ISP side knows what the customer wants (blocked)?

I do because I'm the bofh!  ;)

> Are the ISPs calling all of their customers and asking?

No point.  The customer doesn't know the answer either.

> So the world will come to a day 
> when all Internet users won't have much choice, won't know what's getting
> blocked, won't know who's controlling what, won't know who's making what

If a user finds that their ISP gives them th wrong mix of spam protection to 
false positives then they can find another ISP.  ISPs that make the wrong 
choices will lose business and eventually go bankrupt or get bought out by 
better ISPs.

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