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Re: lvm with raid

On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 12:10:31PM -0300, Gustavo Polillo wrote:
>   Is it possible to make lvm with raid ?? Is there anyone here that make it?
> thanks.

I'm currently using LVM over a software RAID 5 on one of our servers,
/boot is a software RAID 1 array with an initrd to mount the LVM root

Just create the LVM volume on the RAID device, and that should be it,
keeping /boot out of the LVM is a requirement fwict, otherwise the
bootloader can't get access to the initrd or kernel image.

http://www.midhgard.it/docs/lvm/html/ <-- this is a good starting point

and if you throw the words "LVM on RAID" at google, you'll find lots of
information on it.

Brett Parker

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