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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

On Wednesday 23 June 2004 09.51, Blu wrote:

> I run a number of public service servers and in the past, from the
> perspective of an user of a server which blocks mail from mine, the
> mails were being blackholed at my host. They never got an answer or
> even a bounce.

Huh? Either your servers are/were severely misconfigured, or you don't 
mean the same thing as I when you talk about blocking.

block == reject with 5xx error code in the SMTP transaction. Or possibly 
block at firewall level.

So it's the task of the upstream mailserver to generate a bounce (and 
since the upstream mailserver in most cases belongs to the 
administrative domain where the mail originally comes from, there's 
fair chance that the bounce actually gets to the sender of the mail.)

How did your users not receive a bounce?

(... and users not able to read bounce messages are a different topic, 
of course ...)

> Finally, I keep postmaster always open, a thing that a lot of this
> happy blocking servers does not.

Goes without saying. Additionally, as I said, the rejection message does 
contain a unblocked email address, too. So far, postmaster and abuse 
are not spammed.

-- vbi

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