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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

On Wednesday 23 June 2004 03.27, Blu wrote:
> > > In my server, my policy is to reject mail from hosts which are
> > > blocking me.

> [...] blocking mail which cannot be
> answered blocks a lot of forged sender spam too, something like 80%
> here, being conservative.

You did say two different things here.

I block mail which can't be answered, too, by requiring the send domains 
to exist. After an upgrade to postfix 2.1 I will consider verifying the 
user part of sender addresses, too, if greylisting doesn't get the spam 
down far enough.

I've never had my mail rejected by some mailserver, yet, but I don't 
think I would just block mail from mailservers blocking me - when my 
block produces false positives, I'm glad if people tell me (the 550 
message tells them how to contact me by email without being blocked.) 
So I like to extend the same courtsy to the operator of the other box. 
As was said in this thread by somebody, it's all about enabling 
communication, and not about making it impossible. And blocking spam 
just keeps email a useful medium.

-- vbi

Fernsehen ist die Rache des Theaters an der Filmindustrie.
		-- Sir Peter Ustinov

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