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Re: Configuring Wireless ISP

--On Tuesday, June 22, 2004 21:16 -0500 Pete Templin <petelists@templin.org> wrote:

You've got mismatched subnets.  It might work with some hacking, but
you're better off designing it correctly.

Does the Linux box route?  If not, you'll need to have a common subnet at
least from the Cisco router to Radio1, and you should insert a hub or
switch to tie together the data path from the Cisco router to Radio1.

Do the radios route, or are they just L2 bridges?  If they are just
bridges, you'll need to have a common subnet from Client Box to at least
the Linux Box, and possibly all the way to the Cisco Router if the Linux
box doesn't route.  If they route, they'll need two IP addresses, one for
each subnet.

Tsunami MP11(MP11a)s can do either. Depends on a configuration you select when setting them up, they default to 'smart' bridges though.

Basically, anywhere you have a L3 device (i.e. router or multihomed
device with routing capabilities enabled) you'll need to separate your

Also, don't use the term "class C".  It's old and out of date.

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