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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

Doesn't seem like a very scaleable solution... Can't wait for IPv6! :-)

I am just too lazy to keep this type of list up-to date...

Found an Interesting link while 'surfing' http://www.declude.com/Articles.asp?ID=97

And has anyone got any opinions on

http://www.space.net/~maex/Drafts/dns-mtamark/draft-stumpf-dns-mtamark -01.html



On 22.06.2004, at 16:48, Russell Coker wrote:
Being able to receive email from people who are too stubborn to get statically allocated IP address space correctly recognised as such isn't a big priority
for me.

No. I win because a large number of people who run mail servers implement the
same policy, they do the same thing as me for the same reasons.

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