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Re: Which Spam Block List to use for a network?

> In all cases I use
> the SMTP server provided by the ISP at no extra cost, because they
> recognise that you couldn't e-mail from a PC in any other way.

Unfortunately Italian bigger ISP's don't have admins like Mr. Cocker :(
Generally speaking their smtp server sucks: are often down (for _several_ days) or way too busy (4xx at connection time), misconfigured and might take ages to delivery your 1/2kb plain text message.

> If, though, you have a need to set up a corporate identity with your own
> recognised domain names for both IP and MX, then I think you can't
> really avoid getting a static IP address and a 'business ADSL' tariff,
> which is available from at least those three providers I mentioned
> above, but obviously not at 'home ADSL' prices.

Sure... except this won't solve the problem...
You can buy the most expensive adsl solution from any of the ISP you've quoted with your own _statically_ allocated ip addresses (and pls note that you do pay for each static ip) only to find out that the assigned _static_ ip/range is actually marked as *dialup* in the whois db.

Acording to my own experience the only way to have this problem solved is barking at the isp every damn day, annoy everyone at their call center for weeks and if you're lucky enough you can end up speaking with a tech guy and see the infamous "dial" removed.


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