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Re: IMAP before relay

Nate Duehr wrote:

Ward Willats wrote:

Yeah, everyone _should_ use AUTH (and heck, SSL), but for a boutique server with few relayers, pop-before-smtp still works very well, thank

Anyone know of any good way to implement IMAP before relay for those of us that left POP3 in the 80's where it belongs? ;-)

The recently mentioned pop-before-smtp script works quite good, albeit a bit contradictory, for IMAP-logins as well. And it's already packaged in Debian together with (IIRC) a couple of good examples for well known IMAP-servers.

But just as Jérôme also points out, the nature of IMAP makes this method less fit for control of relaying. You *will* start noticing one or both of the following side-effects after prolonged use: * Your users curse loudly and call you up to "fix the mail server" each time they finish writing a long e-mail * Your users, after being educated several times, develop an instictive "Save draft, restart mail client, Edit draft, Send"-routine, which in the end makes them feel reluctant towards using your system as a whole ;-)


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