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Re: pop before smtp relay

--Thursday, June 17, 2004 09:09:05 -0400 Dale E Martin

> Hello.  I run a small mailserver, and I'm interested in allowing my
> users to relay mail off of it.  I'm currently using exim4 as my
> MTA, and uw-imap for client mail access.  In the past I have used
> "exact"[0] to allow "pop-before-relay" access, and it has worked
> well.  I'm getting ready to move my mail server and I was looking
> and it appears that "exact" is not packaged for Debian, which makes
> me wonder what others are doing to achieve this functionality.  I'm
> also wondering if it's worth my effort to package exact...

If you *really* have to support pop-before-smtp:
pt-cache search pop-before-smtp

Although most of your customers MUAs should by now support
smtp-auth, anyway. Even Opera does (at least the
current version...)

Cheers, Marcel

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