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Re: Cyrus / Sieve

Jogi Hofmüller wrote:
We are using postfix/cyrus here where postfix is delivering mail locally
via lmtp and cyrus authenticates Users using saslauthd/pam. In a testing
environment we are experimenting with LDAP at the moment and it works
quite nicely.

I got to setup a postfix/cyrus-system in a few weeks too. I already installed a testsystem and had no problems. Since both postfix and cyrus do have a sasl-mysql-plugin, I chose this solution over saslauthd/pam. But the more I read about cyrus, be it on a mailinglist or elsewhere, it seems to me that everybody uses cyrus in combination with saslauthd/pam. Is there some good reason not to use the mysql-plugins? (AFAIK it's the same with LDAP.)


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