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Re: Remote server management

Dear all,

we have done trials with the Peppercon ROL-F card, which offers a remote hardware reset. This is a Realtec based 10/100 Ethernet card at about EUR 70 that you use as a usual network card. You wire the Reset button cable to the card, and from the card to the Motherboard. After enabling the feature once, you can send a magic MAC layer packet to it (no need to configure an IP address, you simply use the MAC address) and it performs a hardware reset.

This, together with a serial cable routed towards a terminal server, should allow us to remotely manage our machines.

Sebastian Wangnick
Dipl.-Inform. Sebastian <dot> Wangnick <at eurocontrol dot int> 
Team Leader ENG/OPE/HMI 
Eurocontrol Maastricht UAC, Horsterweg 11, NL-6199AC Maastricht-Airport, +31-43-3661-370


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