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Re: [mailinglists] Ulimit and max processes

Hi all,

ok I am starting to get a bit further -

If I log in on the console, I get a max processes of 7168
If I log in via telnet (installed for the test) I get 7168
If I have a cronjob that 'ulimit -a >> /tmp/ulimit' I get 7168
If I edit /etc/init.d/rc and add a 'ulimit -a > /ulimit.txt' I get 7168

If I log in via ssh I get 256.

The defualt PAM config uses /etc/security/limits.conf,
and the default limits.conf is empty. I have changed
the setting in limits.conf to 4000, AND rebooted, but no
change in the 256. Does sshd do something stupid?



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