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Re: [mailinglists] Ulimit and max processes

/etc/sysctl.conf is empty on both boxes...

Both are running woody.

Very confused...


On 18.05.2004, at 10:40, Philipp Steinkrüger wrote:

use sysctl. i think there is also a config file


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Subject: [mailinglists] Ulimit and max processes

Dear list,

I am confused... I am running two debian boxes with woody,
but one has a ulimit -u (max user proc) of 7168, and the other of 256.

(both as root).... the difference does not appear to be in login.defs or
Does anyone have any ideas where I should look...
diff -r /etc /etcother didnt seem to show any important diffeneces..

Thanks for your help,


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