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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

Am Mo, den 19.04.2004 schrieb George Georgalis um 04:40:
> Hi,
> You might like DRBD better than AFS, I think AFS is more suited, to
> allow multiple servers to serve /usr/bin, ie static partitions. /var or
> /home partitions need something different.
> Coda does sound good. ...just following these, not using them yet, I
> think inter-mezzo is too young still,  links:
> http://www.drbd.org/
> Drbd is a block device which is designed to build high availability
> clusters. This is done by mirroring a whole block device via (a
> dedicated) network. You could see it as a network raid-1.

As you already wrote - DRBD is a block device, not a filesystem. You
have to run a filesystem (like reiserfs oder ext3) on top of it, just as
you would have to with a "normal" block device like a SCSI RAID.

Comparing DRBD to NFS or AFS, well, apples and oranges... 

best regards,
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