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Re: debian on HP proliant

I'll probably have to gin up my own iso.  Perhaps I can create a boot
floppy with cciss in the initrd in order to reboot and then compile a
kernel.  I have created a kernel already but it was too large to fit
on the d-i boot floppy.

huh? hard? If you have _lots_ of you may take a look at FAI (Fully automated installer). I install debian mostly by booting knoppix, enable network, create partitions (in my case linux softraid, so I have to create md0), mount them to /mnt and /mnt/boot and do a:

rsync -azv -e "ssh -c blowfish" fileserver:/path/to/mydebian/  /mnt

Then chroot to /mnt, type lilo. exit. reboot. That's it.

If you have prepared a "freshly debian installation" already you should me able to install debian in less then 15 Mins. The advantage with your own preparend installation is, that it conatins already all the packages you usually need (or: you need at least). To me personally it's a litte annying that without tasksel or dselect to won't have common tools like iproute2, mtr-tiny and so on with a fresh setup. I also put my self-baken kernels on the installations.
[NB: Someone should stop me when writing too much :-)]

Another practical approch is an USB Stick as installer:

You may mount this an put modules to it's initrd easily. I could send you an dump vom my about 4 weeks old d-i on stick.


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