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Re: Little BIG problem with Backbone

Am 2004-04-09 17:32:57, schrieb Richard Zuidhof:
>Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Hello,
>> because I am in paning of a CyberCenter Network in Marocco the idea is
>> exploding !!! Exactly, I need very much Backbone-Power which can not
>> provided from the "Maroc Telecom"
>Aren't there other providers? I remember many routes to Morocco using 

Unfortunately NO. 
If you like to be ISP you need a Licence from the ANRT (Authorité 
Nationale de Reglementation des Telecommunications) 

I have ask them and there is no  other Backbone-Provider as the 
"Maroc Telecom". OK, there are SkyDirect.net (Satelit) but for 
one 50 MBit channel I can install many GigaBit cables...

>Seabone. You can find a contact at http://www.tisparkle.it/contacts.htm

OK, visited but this where I am hanging (I have a CISCO router which 
supports 4 x OC-3): 

  ____ /home1/michelle/tmp/temp _______________________________
|  BGP-4 Routing
|  Our network, which has autonomous system number AS6762, 
|  supports BGP-4, in addition to static routing.
|  BGP-4 (Border Gateway Protocol version 4) provides loop-free 
|  interdomain routing between Autonomous Systems; it allows 
|  customers to be connected with multiple links to several 
|  Internet Transit Providers (i.e. to be "multi-homed").
|  The connection running BGP-4 must be carefully studied and 
|  needs to meet the following prerequisites:
|      * customer preferably has its own IP addresses space;
|      * customer is responsible for maintaining his routing;
|      * customer needs to have his routing policy filed at RIPE. 

Many things to learn...

And the the Office in Rabat/marocco:


IAM (Itisalat Al'Maghrib) is the "Maroc Telecom" and "SeaBone" has no 
own POP in Marocco. It is the "Maroc Telecom". So this solution ist a 
little bit too expensive. 

>And I know also Sprint has a PoP available in Morocco. There should be 
>more. What about France Telecom, Telenor and Telefonica?

NO, all Provider are using the Network of the "Maroc Telecom" and because 
there is no second Provider they can make the Price how they want.

It is not good for Clients. 

See prices of ADSL:


1609 Dirham are 145 Euro !!!
I pay in Strasbourg 14,90 Euro with unlimited Traffic.

>Of course you should plan your CyberCenter close to an important 
>crossroads of telecom infrastructure since Maroc Telecom will probably 
>charge a lot for leased lines with such high bandwidth while you 
>actually need dark fiber.

I know, I have all prices here.

Even if I have my own Backbone to my NetworkCenter and need for 
example some E1, E2 or E3 to my CyberCenters and InternetCafes, 
LL'a are too expensive. 

Speed:			E1 (1920kBit)	E2 (8,4MBit)	E3 (34MBit)

Installation		 4000 €		13300 €		17500 €

Local			 3000 €		 5600 €		 9700 €
   <=  35 km		 3200 €		 6000 €		11400 €
 35 - 100 km		 3500 €		 7300 € 	16800 €
100 - 200 km		 4000 €		 9200 €		24900 €
    > 200 km		 5200 €		14000 €		45100 €

So Leasd Lines are too expensive !

A friend of me in South-Afrika use 34 MBit RadioBridges (max 30-40km) 
and use Lucent ORINOCO Outdoor Routers for the Last-Mile Access...

Works quiet well. - No cable required. He told me, that the Cable was 
much more expensive as the 34 MBit RadioBridge and the Outdoor Router. 

>kind regards,
>Richard Zuidhof


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